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Choose one of three Jewelbits styles – Boho Babe, Glam Gal or Classic Chick. Don't worry, you can change your box at any time.

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Select your personal jewelry style from one of our three boxes. Don't worry you can change your box at any time. (We actually encourage it. A girl needs options!)

Boho Babe

Rock this cool style with "a bit" of edgy accents & interesting textures. Be yourself with our earthy, feel-good pieces.

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Glam Gal

Indulge yourself with "a bit" of these sparkling essentials. Jazz up any outfit, with our gorgeous, lavish, show stoppers.

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Classic Chick

Go from Day to Night in "a bit" of our understated, elegant, romantic jewelry.

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Our family has been in the jewelry industry for more than 35 years.


We attend exclusive jewelry events monthly, and we're passing those connections on to you!


Unlike other services, every Jewelbits box is yours to keep. Expand your collection and keep up with the latest trends.