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Get $125 worth of Jewelry for as low as $33.

Get 3-4 pieces to match your personal style each month.

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Step 1 Pick Your Style

Choose one of three Jewelbits styles – Boho Babe, Glam Gal or Classic Chick.
Don’t worry you can change your box at any time.

Boho Babe

Rock this cool style with "a bit" of edgy accents & interesting textures. Be yourself with our earthy, feel-good pieces.

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Glam Gal

Indulge yourself with "a bit" of these sparkling essentials. Jazz up any outfit, with our gorgeous, lavish, show stoppers.

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Classic Chick

Go from Day to Night in "a bit" of our understated, elegant, romantic jewelry.

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Step 2 Pick a plan

Go month-to-month or choose our 3-month or 6-month option. Our plans are flexible so you only get what you want. 


  • $39/month
  • Free shipping
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  • $37/month
  • Free shipping
  • 3 month commitment
    (cancel anytime thereafter)

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  • $33/month
  • Free shipping
  • 6 month commitment
    (cancel anytime thereafter)

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Step 3 Get your Jewelry

This is pretty self-explanatory. But don't forget about our gifting option! Your friends, family and colleagues will love you for it!



Every Jewelbits box subscription comes with two to three hand-selected, boutique jewelry pieces based on your selected style. Our pieces are designed to be worn separately or together. The average retail value of each box is about $125.

when will i receive my box?

We send out your jewelry within 48 hours GUARANTEED. We like instant I right ladies?!?

Can i change my style?

Sure thing. We would want to taste a "bit" of everything too. Simply login and change your Jewelbits style whenever you want and we'll send you that style on your next delivery!